'President Obama' Weighs HOW Much?! (VIDEO)

President Obama made of sandAfter Michelle Obama's wow-ing speech last night, everyone here in Charlotte is looking forward to what her husband President Barack Obama has to say tomorrow. Some convention goers had the exciting opportunity to hang out with the Commander-in-Chief a few days early, though, including us! Well, sort of. Meet Sandbama (as I've deemed him), the 15-ton sand sculpture of President Obama sitting downtown near the convention center. Holy WOW.

No no no, the president didn't commission this homage himself. Funnily enough, the visitors bureau for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina paid $30,000 to put up the sculpture, hence the "Vote Myrtle Beach 2012" button the big guy's wearing. Never would have guessed that one, would ya?

Think you can guess how tall Mr. President is? How about how many men it took to build him, and how long? Check out all the details, here:


What do you think of this giant sand sculpture of President Obama? Do you think it looks like him?


Image via Emily Abbate

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