5 Women Whose DNC Speeches Proved Democrats Have Lots More Love for Us Ladies (VIDEOS)

stacey linh dnc 2012We all know that women's votes could likely determine which presidential candidate wins in November. And if undecided female voters are still wondering which political party is more devoted to our causes and freedoms, the answer couldn't have been more evident than during the first night of the Democratic National Convention. Sure, many addresses and tributes featured bold male politicians like Deval Patrick and Julian Castro, but even they made frequent references to the incredible women in their lives. The running theme seemed to be: "Look at all these powerful women who are role models we admire, we embrace, we identify with, and we represent." 

First Lady Michelle Obama obviously made quite the impression. But here, five more strong, outspoken, and inspirational Democratic women who amped up the crowd with their message last night ...

  1. Tammy Duckworth - A former U.S. Army helicopter pilot who lost both of her legs in the Iraq war, Tammy Duckworth is currently an Illinois nominee for the House of Representatives. Telling the story how she was rescued after the Blackhawk assault helicopter she was piloting was shot down in Iraq in 2004, she painted a griping picture of what this election is truly about -- "whether we'll look out for the hardest hit and the disabled, whether we'll pull together in a time of need, whether we'll refuse to give up until the job is done." Check out her memorable speech ...
  2. Lilly Ledbetter - The 74-year-old woman -- whose name graces the GOP-blocked Fair Pay Act -- spoke about how "equal work for equal pay is an American value." And yet, she noted that women earn only 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. But you know, "maybe 23 cents doesn't sound like a lot to someone with a Swiss bank account and a Cayman Island investment and an IRA worth tens of millions of dollars." Good one, Lilly! Here's her dynamic speech ...
  3. Nancy Keenan - The President of NARAL Pro-Choice America gave a short but powerful speech in which she reminded women, "We cannot trust Mitt Romney to protect our health. We cannot trust Mitt Romney to respect our rights. Mitt Romney will take away our power to make decisions about our lives, and our future." But one thing he can't take away is our right to vote on November 6.
  4. Stacey Linh - Neither a politican or a candidate, the regular American mom of a toddler with congenital heart disease spoke to convention-goers and the nation about how Obama's healthcare reforms had secured her child the treatment she needs to live. Hearing that Linh and her family have to live in fear that Mitt Romney would repeal health care reform is nothing short of heartwrenching. Here's her story:                
  5. Elaine Brye - The military mother and wife sent Michelle Obama a Christmas card last holiday season, thanking her for helping military families. Eight months later, the mom of five -- who says she's "not a political person" -- found herself on the stage of the DNC giving a brave and beautiful introduction to the First Lady's speech. Check it out:

Which DNC speech from last night touched you the most?

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