Prince Philip Flashes His Crown Jewels: Like Grandfather, Like Grandson

prince philip kilt
What's under that skirt, Prince Philip?
It's official. The royals are free-ballers. Prince Harry isn't the only member of "The Firm" to inadvertently show the world his crown jewels. Prince Philip is now getting in on the action, too. Yes, that Prince Philip -- the 91-year-old husband-to-Queen Elizabeth Prince Philip. Over the weekend, ol' Phil wore a kilt to the Gathering for the Highland Games in Scotland ... and, no, he did not wear any underwear. I never thought I'd type this sentence, but it must be done: Prince Philip pulled a Britney Spears. Caution: 91-year-old wiener ahead!


TMZ released the photo ... there's a clever little "crown" where his manhood lies, but if you're a dirty bird and you do some online digging, you can catch a glimpse of Philip's naughty bits.

I've gotta be honest, I'm not sure about the psychology behind this one. I think we've collectively come to the conclusion that, 9 times out of 10, crotch shots and nip slips aren't accidents, right? They're carefully-crafted (unclassy) ways of garnering publicity. (I mean, seriously, who forgets to put on underwear when they're wearing a dress and they know they're going to be photographed?) Prince Philip, though? I highly doubt he was vying for a four-page spread in Us Weekly and an accompanying article on his "downward spiral." I think dude just doesn't like underwear. And that's fine. Who are we to judge? But dude should wear underwear when he's wearing a skirt. If this were a photo of Prince Harry or Wills (!), could you imagine the uproar it would cause? I'm guessing people will just chock this up to Philip being a crazy old royal who forgot his underpants.

Good news for Harry, though, right? Next time his grandmum scolds him for his Vegas antics, all he has to say is: "I learned it by watching granddad."

What do you think of this?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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