Michelle Obama's Speech Reveals Her Love for President Obama Isn't What It Used to Be (VIDEO)

michelle barack malia sasha DNCLooks like pundits on both sides of the aisle can FINALLY agree on something! Kicking off the 2012 Democratic National Convention right, First Lady Michelle Obama burned the barn with her gripping, emotional, and heart-achingly honest speech. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. Especially not when she delivered certain unforgettable quotes that touched so many Americans in different ways. And one of the most poignant (and completely non-political) moments by far had to be when she discussed her love for her husband.

The First Lady said, "And I didn't think it was possible, but today, I love my husband even more than I did four years ago ... even more than I did 23 years ago, when we first met." Most romantic FLOTUS confession ever.


Pop culture would have us believe that as time wears on, couples grow more and more annoyed with one another. They "argue like an old married couple." And then when some of 'em have finally had enough, they divorce and "trade in for the younger model." Ick! But that's NOT how it has to be or how it always is. Just look at Michelle revealing how she loves Barack more and more every day, every year, even when they're living what very well may be be the most challenging and stressful time of their lives.

I admit, sometimes I miss the early, easier days of my relationship. Before my now-fiance and I lived together, we had yet to worry about bills or savings. Insulated from family-related stress (for the first month or so, at least!). We could just enjoy our off-the-charts chemistry without dealing with tough stuff. But then ... life happened. Family, health, real estate/financial drama ensued and escalated. And yet, I found that I loved him more every year. Now that we're getting married, I hope that trend only continues.

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Like Michelle said, you don't believe that it'll be possible. You think, "I love this person so much already, and we have so much history between us already. How can I love them even more?" But you can, because true love grows even deeper and multi-faceted and stronger with adversity and time. And to me, a relationship/marriage like Michelle and Barack's based on that is, hands down, the ultimate. One we could all stand to aspire to.

Check out this awesome CafeMom Studios video about Michelle's speech ...

Do you feel like you love your partner more than you did years ago?

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