'The Stir' Political Blogger Ilina Ewen Speaks Out About Hate Mail (VIDEO)

Ilina EwanNotice a few familiar faces in this photo?

On the left, we have HLN anchor Kyra Phillips. In the middle, hey, that's me! And next to me on the right is The Stir political blogger Ilina Ewen.

Ilina was one of the participants in a panel of moms at the DNC, co-moderated by Kyra and me. And while Ilina did a great job in the panel, we thought our readers might want to hear about a more personal issue for Ilina- hate mail.

Check out what Ilina has to say about mean comments and hate mail from readers -- after the jump!


Ilina has a very positive outlook on the hate mail, and I'm sure it's one that has evolved over time. I know it took me years to develop a tough skin when it came to mean and rude comments and e-mails! Now, though, I honestly just laugh at them, and I also sincerely pity the person who felt such a miserable need to write something awful.

I'm also impressed that Ilina seems to have learned not to take e-mails and comments personally. That's not easy, trust me!

I do wonder, though, why some women out there get so angry about another person's political views in particular, whether they're "too conservative" in their opinion or "too liberal." It's an opinion, you know? Get over it.

There's certainly no reason for hurling insults, or worse, threats.

Don't you agree, readers?

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