CafeMom Partners With HLN for DNC Mom Panel (VIDEO)

CafeMom/HLN Mom Panel

Hopefully, you caught the panel of moms HLN anchor Kyra Phillips and I co-moderated last week at the Republican National Convention.

Well this week, it's the Democrats' turn. You can see an edited version tomorrow on HLN, but today, we've got the entire panel for you to watch on video -- and it's definitely worth seeing. These moms were incredibly well-spoken and they had a LOT on their minds!

Click through to see the video, then tell us in the comments what you think of these Democratic moms' views.


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Our panelists included:

Linnie Frank Bailey, a California delegate, devoted Christian, and mother of young adults.

Ilina Ewan, a progressive liberal Democrat, political blogger for The Stir, and mother of two young children.

And Stephanie Himel-Nelson, a military wife, mother of two young boys, and "recovering attorney."

Like last week's Republican panel of moms, these women were eloquent, passionate, and interesting to hear from. In talking to them, what really stood out to me was that many of these women's concerns echoed those we heard in Tampa last week.

From education to health care to jobs to the economy, moms across the board have many of the same concerns. Their views even tend to match up on certain hot-button social issues like abortion. Many Republican moms I talked to, for example, said that while they may not personally choose to have an abortion, they believe it's a very sensitive issue that's up to each individual woman, and it's also an issue that has already been decided by the court system. Many Democratic moms I've talked to completely agree with them.

With so many moms in agreement on at least some issues, why can't Republicans and Democrats in Washington seem to agree on anything?

The solution, some moms say, is that we need more women in politics, both on the local and national level. After all, we are masters of compromise. Perhaps we could clean house and get things done.

What do you think?

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