Worst Wedding Guest Ever Tries to Steal the Bride & Groom's Gifts (VIDEO)

wedding giftIt seems like every day there are new rules of etiquette for wedding guests. Is wearing white okay or not okay? We have how long to give a gift? Oh, now it's considered "uncouth" to cut in during the bride and groom's first dance? Whatever. However, one rule has stood the test of time all these years. One rule could probably be found in some hilariously outdated "wedding etiquette" book in your grandmother's basement -- and still be applicable to nuptials today. That rule is don't, for the love of god, steal all the husband and wife's wedding gifts. Unless your name is Robin Hood. Which it's probably not. 


Omar Santiago, 18, attended Larry and Joanna Williamson's wedding reception in Sayville, New York last Saturday and supposedly tried to walk away with a lot more than a mesh bag of jordan almonds. Dude tried to take all the Williamsons' cash.

A maître d' in the coat room noticed Santiago trying to casually stroll out of the wedding venue (probably during the chicken dance, amiright?) with a big white box that contained all of the couple's monetary gifts. The maître d' alerted the bride, who didn't recognize Santiago, and then it was on. Apparently, Santiago ran into the men's room, stuffed the envelopes into his clothes, and tried to sprint out of the country club. To no avail. Several wedding attendees chased the alleged thief down and held him until the cops showed up. Thankfully, all the gifts were recovered -- and Santiago was arrested and charged with fourth-degree larceny. Rude.

Now I don't claim to be the most well-mannered person in the game -- in fact, I'm eating Cheez-Its off of a Post-It right now -- but come on. Stealing from a brand new bride and groom? That isn't just poor etiquette, that's bad karma. Santiago? Ya'burnt.

What do you think of this craziness?


Image via torbakhopper/Flickr

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