Totally Crazy Convention Fashion! (VIDEO)

Lindsay Ferrier I'll Take That DareYou wouldn't know it from all the arguing online, but there's actually a lighter side to the Republican and Democratic Conventions ...


Something about a presidential pep rally sends delegates into patriotic overdrive. From Uncle Sam hats to red, white and blue shoes to elaborate powdered wigs and ballgowns, we couldn't believe how elaborate some of the costumes have been at the Republican and Democratic conventions -- And as your resident dare-taker, you know I had to get in on that action!

Yes, girls, with the help of some very creative CafeMom staffers, I dressed like a delegate, and the results were hilarious! Check out the video after the jump.


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Clearly, we had a lot of fun with this video -- and we couldn't believe the extent of the reaction when I stepped out on the streets in my delegate costume. EVERYONE stopped to take pictures and everyone wanted to know who I was and where I was from. That's not something I'd enjoy on an every day basis, but it did occur to me that for someone trying to promote themselves and attract attention, this idea is convention GOLD.

Of course, we're also covering serious issues at the conventions. (And when I say covering, I mean COVERING- We posted 22 video reports at last week's Republican convention and we're just now getting started at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte!) From protesters to Mormon moms to Paul Ryan's adorably uncomfortable wife to Republican womens' surprising views on abortion, we've got something for everyone on our Moms Matter YouTube page. Check it out and please subscribe -- That way, you'll stay up to date on all our convention coverage!

In the meantime, though, would YOU dress like a delegate?


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