Sharks Are Getting Up Close & Terrifyingly Personal This Weekend (VIDEO)

great white sharkThe sharks are enjoying their last hurrah of summer this week, just like the rest of us. It actually feels like it's been the Season of the Shark, especially up here in New England and especially around Cape Cod, Massachusetts, which has had at least a dozen shark sightings this year. One man was even attacked by a shark, but thankfully his chomp below the knees was minor enough that he was able to give an interview on a morning talk show the next day. Everything seemed to culminate this past week with some amazing videos of sharks caught on tape -- one by a family on a boat and another of a great white shark that washed ashore. Both totally look like something straight from Jaws. Get out of the water now! and take a look ...


A family on a boat caught this video of a shark eating a seal (what attracts them to the Cape) not 50 feet away. Can you imagine if someone on that boat had decided to take a dip before they noticed that man-eater circling around?


This video shows a 13-foot great white shark discovered washed ashore on a private beach in Westport, Massachusetts, near the Rhode Island border. Can you imagine the surpise beachgoers got when they tottered toward the sand with their blankets and umbrellas and were greeted with this lovely surprise instead? I would no longer be in the mood for swimming.

Do you still swim in water known for it's shark appearances? What precautions do you take to stay safe?


Image via WCVBtv/YouTube

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