Mitt Romney Doesn't Know the First Thing About How 'Hard' It is to Be a Mom

mitt romney and babyI could swear a blue-ribbon hog just went soaring past my window, because a few minutes ago at the Republican National Convention, Mitt Romney said something I actually agreed with! Granted, somebody else wrote it and put it up on the teleprompter for him to read, but at least he said these words out loud (regarding his wife Ann Romney and the years she spent raising their children):

"I knew that her job as a mom was harder than mine and I knew without question that her job as a mom was more important than mine."

So Romney got one thing right. Thanks for the condescending pat on the forehead, man. Good job, mommies! You work hard! I'm still not fooled. You might be a husband who knows how to give your wife credit when thousands of people are watching, but you have no idea what it's like to be a working mother in America today. And tonight, you gave yourself away.


Especially when you told us all about OUR struggles.  About how WE couldn't find jobs or sell our homes or pay our debts.

"What could you do?" asked Romney. "What could you do but work harder ... hug your kids for longer ... spend a little more time praying."

He was asking, you realize, because he really DOESN'T KNOW what we did. Did we work harder, hug our kids longer and spend more time praying? Sure. Sure, we did -- and we do -- those things. But we also burn ourselves working 24/7 and give ourselves stress-induced ulcers and yell at our kids because we're so tense and overworked and worried about how we're going to pay the bills and we also shake our fists at the sky and decide there can't possibly BE anyone to pray to when the world is this fucked up.

Oh well. At least Mitt Romney still has a smile on HIS face.

Do you think Mitt Romney really knows or cares what it's like to be a working mom in America?


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