'Legitimate Rape' Satire Should Shock & Disturb You (VIDEO)

legitimate rape ad Darn it! Republican congressman Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" remark just won't go away. But as delirious as it was, why would we want it to get brushed under the rug ... ? Wouldn't it be much better to use it to call attention to the fact that Akin, GOP vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan (opposed to abortion even in the case of rape), and 171 other Republicans have complete contempt disregard for victims of sexual violence (and most women in general)? I sure think so.

And so do the folks behind a new satirical viral video making rounds on the web today. The tongue-in-cheek faux ad -- fashioned after a stereotypical pharmaceutical commercial -- plugs "legitimate rape" as a form of birth control "as imagined by crazy people." And, oh yes, it is that acerbic ...


Before proceeding, warning: Do note that there are some very adult themes illustrated in the video, like a mock rape ...


Make you cringe? Squirm? Chuckle then gasp? Yeah ... me too. But it was all for good reason. 

After all, this send-up -- like an Onion parody entitled, "Pregnant Woman Relieved to Learn Her Rape Was Illegitimate" that ran last week -- is a perfect way to call our attention to how Republicans feel about major women's issues. Issues they so obviously misunderstand and so vehemently want to compound. Issues they want to claim not to care about as much as jobs and the economy, but then devote more time and energy toward messing with than anything having to do with jobs or the economy.

If this video disturbs you, it's done what it was supposed to do. Hopefully, it helps some voters realize just how crazy and clueless some Republican politicians are about not only sexual violence but basic biology.

What are your thoughts on this satire?


Image via LegitimateRapeAd/YouTube

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