RNC Is a Massive Success -- for Strip Clubs!

strip clubIf there's one thing old, rich, white men like, it's a solid lap dance. And who can blame them?! Nothing blows off sexually repressed steam like some vanilla-scented T & A in your face. Word on the street is, with the Republican National Convention underway in Tampa, Florida, strip club patronage has sky-rocketed. One club even told TMZ that their revenue has doubled! Not shocking since we already know Republican dudes love them their strippers, but a little ... unsettling since other businesses in Tampa are complaining that they've seen no increase in sales.


Now, let's not get it twisted here. I think we know that all politicians, regardless of party, have a penchant for gold lame-thonged ladies with daddy issues. But the GOP is definitely giving their liberal counterparts a run for their money here. (Remember, one strip club even hired porn star/Sarah Palin look-alike, Lisa Ann, to perform for the RNC?)

The manager at Skin Tampa has capitalized on the influx of dirty old men to his fair city by sending his "hottest girls" to the RNC with cards and flyers -- and offering free entry to anyone who's in town for the convention. And apparently, the tactic is going over like gangbusters. The manager is also doing the politicians one better (well, not really) by adorning his club in patriotic Republic-themed decorations

God bless, America, right? The RNC, strippers, and capitalism at its finest. Can't wait to see what happens in Charlotte next week. USA! USA!

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Image via the_toe_stubber/Flickr

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