Republicans May Talk About the 'American Dream' But They Don't Know What It Means (VIDEO)


Politicians have always loved talking about The American Dream. How much we deserve it, how much we should fight for it, how much more likely we are to get it if THEY are in office.

Well, this year's Republican National Convention is no different. That phrase has popped up in speech after speech. Well, it used to mean pretty much the same thing to all Americans -- a century ago! Today, interests are so divided and needs are so diverse, it's impossible to find consensus on the subject. So I think politicians should just stop using it until they ask everyday citizens (rich and poor) what it means to them.

If they want a clue, I suggest they start here with this eye-opening CafeMom Studios video. Our RNC correspondent Lindsay Ferrier asked regular woman about hopes and dreams for their families and it's exactly what these politicians need to hear.


Watch moms weigh in here:

Do you think there is really still an American Dream? If so, what's yours?

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