Romney Daughters-in-Law Spill All: Who Married 'The Cutest Romney Boy'? (VIDEO)

romney daughters-in-lawAnn Romney may have made quite the impression with her convention speech earlier this week, but she's not the only Romney woman speaking out on behalf of husband and GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. All five daughters-in-law of the Romney sons made an appearance in Tampa, Florida at an RNC event put on by "Women for Mitt," and CafeMom Studios was there!

In addition to sharing funny or sweet stories of Mitt and Ann Romney and what it's like to be a part of the unique family, each Romney wife joked that their husband is the cutest Romney boy. Aww! Nothing like a little healthy competition, right?

Check it out ...


The wives sure seem to have a lot of heart. How funny is it that Laurie's grandma is just mad for Matt?! Haa!

Surely, each Romney wife could argue her husband is the cutest Romney boy for various reasons -- like Tagg likes to rock out to Billy Joel, Josh seems to want to go into politics like his father and grandpa, or Ben is really sweet with his and wife Andelyne's yorkie-poodle mix (that Mitt calls his grand-dog). 

But every woman believes her husband is the cutest, smartest, funniest. As we should! Because when you really love someone, you think they're The Most Amazing Person in the World. Judging from what the Romney ladies had to say in this video, you can definitely feel the love.

Which Romney boy do you think is cutest? Or is your husband cuter than anyone else by far?

Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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