Man Accused of Gang Raping 11-Year-Old Escapes From Courtroom (VIDEO)

gang rape 11-year-oldEric McGowen is one of 14 adults accused of repeatedly raping an 11-year-old girl in Cleveland, Texas over three-month span two years ago. The vile case garnered national interest because some (awful) people suggested the girl "asked for it" by wearing revealing clothing, acting older, and not being under her parent's supervision.

Now, McGowen is running. He disappeared from the courtroom on Wednesday during a break in the proceedings. His disappearance came just after the now 13-year-old's emotional testimony, which included a video of her assault.

This case is sick on so many, many levels. McGowen allegedly raped the girl using a beer bottle, participated in passing her around to other men, and videotaped the whole thing. See below:


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A person accused of these crimes doesn't deserve to be free. He needs to stand up for himself if he is innocent or face his crimes if he isn't.

Whatever he did or didn't do, running is cowardly and awful. This 13-year-old girl had to testify and tell the truth about her awful experiences and this grown-up man can't even stay in the courtroom?

A warrant was issued for him and his bond is now increased from $35,000 to $250,000, but I hope WHEN they find him, his cowardice is taken into consideration. Guilty or not, this CHILD deserves respect and those accused of hurting her need to show it. Finally. 

Given the accusations, clearly that is expecting too much.

One of the most awful parts of this case was he way in which defenders accused this little girl of deserving it. They defended these men as though they couldn't help themselves. They were compelled to rape her. I suppose the one good thing that might come from all this horror is that maybe at last McGowen will be seen for what he is -- a coward too afraid to stand up for even himself. Running only makes him look like he is guilty.

Does this case make you as sick as it makes me?


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