Janna Ryan's Nerves Make Us Want to Give Her a Hug (VIDEO)

Janna Ryan

Picture this.

It's the morning after Ann Romney's triumphant convention speech and you're set to make your debut as the wife of Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential candidate.

Who can blame Paul Ryan's wife Janna for getting a case of the nerves in front of the media this morning? CafeMom was there to see her debut -- check out our video after the jump, and then tell us in the comments what you think of Janna Ryan.


Awwwww, Janna.

Don't you just want to give the girl a reassuring arm squeeze?

I think the fact that Ann Romney clearly tried to console her on stage was probably even more embarrassing for her. When something like that happens in front of a bunch of people, you try to convince yourself afterward that it wasn't that bad.

Ann's reaction made it pretty clear that, yes, Janna. It was that bad.

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However, I have to say that I love this all-too-real moment in a convention week filled with canned soundbites and carefully rehearsed speeches. I'm guessing many of you would have stumbled through that speech as well. I know I would have. We can all relate, right?

Whether or not you agree with Paul Ryan's politics, perhaps we should consider joining Team Janna right now. She's not the one running for Vice President, after all, and despite her history as a Washington lobbyist before becoming a stay-at-home mom to three children, she's probably not quite ready for the national spotlight.

Let's all give Janna a big Internet hug. It's going to be okay, Janna.


It's going to be okay.


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