GOP Women React to Ann Romney's Speech (VIDEO)

Ann RomneyCafeMom was at the GOP Convention last night for Ann Romney's speech, and we got reaction from Republican moms afterward.

Check out what they had to say about the woman they hope will be the next First Lady after the jump -- then tell us in the comments what you think of Ann Romney's convention speech.


Republican moms believe Ann Romney effectively humanized her husband and gave him the emotional connection they've been telling us for months that he lacks. Some CafeMom members agreed with the women in our video.

"She gave a wonderful, heartfelt speech!" wrote Marsha. "I don't begrudge them their wealth. They earned it."

"Her JOB is to support her husband, and when a person speaks of their husband and speaks so glowingly after 43 years, then there is more to that marriage than just fluff," wrote DeAnn.

However, many CafeMom members said afterward on our Facebook page that they weren't buying Ann's speech, or her claims to understand what single moms and working class moms were going through.

"They are typical millionaires," wrote Julie on our Moms Matter Facebook page. "Nothing against them, they are out of touch with the middle class families."

"She never had to raise children AND GO OUT AND HOLD A JOB TOO," added Sandy.

What did you think of Ann Romney's speech? Can she understand working women and what they're going through, or is she hopelessly out of touch?


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