Teens Accuse Tanning Salon Owner of Spying As They Undress

brackenA Texas tanning salon owner is accused of trying to spy on girls while they undressed before a booth session.

Police say the two victims -- both in their teens -- came forward on two separate occasions, reporting that Celebrity Tan and Boutique owner Justin Bracken attempted to get a peek at them in a very creepy, surprising way.


Bracken allegedly watched the girls by peering over the salon's privacy partitions. Now investigators believe there may be more victims who have not yet come forward or -- even worse -- women who don't know they were being watched.

Well ladies, yet another reason to be leery of the world beyond our front doors. It's as though we can't do anything without the risk of coming in contact with some danger or pervert. Honestly, it's ridiculous that a customer at tanning salons has to worry about this kind of thing now. 

For his part, Bracken says the accusations are totally false. He was released on bond and was soon back to work. "I mean, this is a safe, positive environment," he said to a reporter. "These incidents are not happening here ... We just want to let the people of Frisco and surrounding areas know that Celebrity Tan and Boutique is a safe place to be, a safe place to come."

The saddest part of this story -- if it is indeed true -- is that the alleged victims were young teenage girls. I am sure their parents thought there was a bigger risk of them being eyed at the beach than a tanning boutique.


How can we keep our kids safe when danger seems to lurk everywhere they go?


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