Don't Like Gay Marriage? How About a 3-Person Civil Union

3 glassesGay marriage weird you out? Try this one on for size. A couple -- actually, make that a trio -- has just been sanctioned a three-person civil union among a man and two women. The people, who reside in Brazil, have been living together for years, and they share household responsibilities similar to that of two-person couples -- for instance, all three of their names are on the checking account. The reason they sought to make their relationship official? In case one of them dies. The reason the judge gave them the go ahead? "For better or worse, it doesn't matter, but what we considered a family before isn't necessarily what we would consider a family today."



Is a three-person civil union unconventional? Sure is. Is it for me? Nope, not at all. But, I truly don't understand the point of people getting so up in arms about stuff like this (and there are people getting up in arms), because who cares? Just because one person believes in something doesn't mean everyone else has to. As I said, a three-person relationship isn't my cup of tea -- just like a "conventional" marriage isn't for these guys. I don't know when -- or why -- it became okay for other people (and the government) to tell everyone how they should live their love lives. I'm all for rules and regulations in other areas, but this is one thing that should just be left alone already.

You know how much this three-person union is going affect other people's lives? Zero. People may be upset and bothered by this arrangement, as it goes against their beliefs, but it will have no bearing on their day-to-day goings on. They'll still be able to curl up at night with their partner in peace, no interruptions whatsoever. Not a single aspect of their lives will change.

So, seriously. What is the point of getting all up in arms?

What do you think of this?


Image via eflon/Flickr

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