Homeless Man & Tourist 'Crutch Fight' in Times Square & The Force Is With Them (VIDEO)

Summer in the city isn't like summer everywhere. Here, there's hangin' on the stoop, playing in the fire hydrants, and, if you're extremely fortunate, crutch fight time! For deep in the heart of the city, crutch fighters can be found practicing their ancient art around the perimeter of Times Square. Crutch fighting is a sport particular to urban areas where roam homeless men and tourists skilled in the mythical art of crutch warfare.

What is required first is a homeless man on crutches. And then a worthy sparring partner, usually in the form of a large, irate man not unwilling to grab at least one crutch of a homeless guy. You of course need many spectators to shout primordial encouragements passed down from the crutch demigods, such as, "Ooooh!!" and "Woahh!!" and "Dude, dude!!" Then, if the spirits smile upon the crutch warriors, the holy crutch ritual is captured on video and uploaded it to YouTube.


Fortunately, all of this went down exactly as described recently in Times Square. Watch how the homeless man on crutches is miraculously -- praise the ancient crutch lords of perambulation! -- able to walk perfectly upon meeting his crutch nemesis. You see, Obiwan, homeless guy with crutches find inner strength to duel when the crutch force be with him.

Homeless guy and tourist man crutch it out until their crutch mistress (she with magical head of dark curly locks and ghostly white hand bag) says, "Hey, hey!" and intercedes in primal crutch warfare.

Here is the mythical crutch fight caught on video for perhaps the first time. Know that when you watch, you are tapping into a higher power. Use this knowledge wisely, my friends, for even a glimpse of the masterly crutch duel can imbue you with superhuman crutchly essence.

And below, my warriors, be the lightsaber version of mythical crutch fight. Let the crutch force be with you -- especially in Times Square.

Do you feel the Crutch Force?


Image via YouTube

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