Women Bullying Other Women for Cheating With Soldiers Should Be Ashamed

soldier holding hands with womanWhen Kristen Stewart was confirmed her infidelity to Robert Pattinson, she immediately became the target of the entire nation's ire. More mud has been slung at her than anyone else involved -- even Rupert Sanders, the married man with whom she supposedly cheated. But sadly, slut-shaming in our culture is nothing new.

It's not even crazy to think it may currently be one of America's favorite pastimes -- espeically when you consider how there's an actual Facebook group called "Make Them Famous for Military Exes." 15,000 people are fans of the group, which seeks to "out" -- and then cyberbully -- people who have supposedly cheated on military spouses while they were deployed. Surprise -- most of the photos on the page are of young women. And most are accompanied by vile stories, written by men and, yes, other women!


For instance, this gem from a scorned baby mama of a soldier:

My man was in the army. He went thru some s**t in Iraq. I have been there for him every minute since we've been together for almost 2 years. This homewrecking whore dated him and drove him away with her immature BS. She is still pursuing him even tho we just had a baby in March. She will text him i been thinking about you blah blah blah... I know it takes two to tango but damn you admitted you were a college slut and he wasn't any good in bed when he told you to back off. Way to build your character.

There are also loads of comments under the photos that rip the reported (but unconfirmed, of course) cheaters, basically accusing them of being ugly sluts. In short, this Facebook group sounds like a place where the lowest common denominator congregates to behave in the most repulsive way possible. 

It always kills me when women target and attack the other woman exclusively or even much more viciously than their man-turned-cheatin' dog. I've never understood it. Why aren't these women taking out their anger on the person who actually screwed them over -- i.e. their partner? How on earth could you think the other woman brainwashed him, seduced him, made him do it? What is this, Salem in the 1690s?! Like the baby mama above mentioned (but doesn't really seem to believe): It takes two to tango.

In this sick Facebook group, because no one wants to say that a soldier was actually the one to cheat, stray, do his woman wrong, they're laying even more blame -- in a foul, public, dangerous way -- on the women involved. It's a frightening new low in slut-shaming, and one that any woman should think long and hard about contributing to ... After all, it's pretty obvious how she would feel if she one day found herself on the other side of this twisted equation.

Do you agree that all too often, women attack "the other woman" when they should really be targeting their philandering man?


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