Deadly Yosemite Park Hantavirus Might Scare You Off Camping

Yosemite Curry Village

This has officially been the worst summer ever. Shootings, Rob & Kristen, hurricanes, more shootings. And more shootings. Can things get any more depressing? Yes they can. A mouse-poop virus is killing visitors of Yosemite National Park. I know. It sounds totally fake or like a Will Smith movie but it's not. It's called the hantavirus and I didn't know you could catch a virus from mouse droppings either, but apparently you can and this is nothing to joke about.


At least four people who visited park between June and, like, now have been infected and two have died. The park believes about 1,700 people might be exposed. So if you were there this summer, in Curry Village (pictured above), and start to come down with flu-like symptoms, run to your doctor right away. The virus takes a couple of weeks to show symptoms, and 40 percent of the people who get it die.

My god, can't you even go on a quiet family vacation anymore without risking your life? These people were not scaling cliffs or surfing waterfalls (how many of the people who die at Yosemite each year perish, aside from the occasional bear mauling) when they caught the virus. They were simply sleeping or eating or hanging out in their cozy little tents in one of the park's villages when they contracted the illness from the urine, droppings, or saliva of those little critters scampering around the place. Hey, it's the woods. Mice happen. They are annoying, yes, but not typically scary. And I don't even want to think how or where a person could come to ingest anything that comes out of a mouse.

I just hope we can all escape summer without more calamity and that a change of season brings nothing but happy news for a change. Because next they'll tell us Bigfoot is really just some guy walking around the side of the road in an Army camouflage suit and not real at all. That would really be the topper.

Does this story scare you off camping?

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