GOP Hopes This Mom Appeals to Women at Convention Tonight (VIDEO)

Sher Valenzuela

If you don't live in Delaware, you probably haven't heard of Sher Valenzuela -- she's the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor there.

This mother of three has also been given a coveted speaking spot at tonight's convention, appearing in the hour before Ann Romney. Valenzuela has a very compelling personal story, both as a mom and as a small business owner. I interviewed her to learn more. Check out our video after the jump.


As you can see, Sher Valenzuela has a somewhat unusual background for a Republican, but in her struggles dealing with a special needs child, adoption, and starting a business to help pay for expenses, it's one to which many moms can relate.

But while Valenzuela seems to personify the Republican "We built it" theme, recent reports show that she actually built it with the help of $17 million in federal loans and contracts.

Still, the 58-year-old former PTA president is proof that moms can start small and go on to do great things. Watch for her speech during the Republican National Convention tonight.

What do you think of Sher Valenzuela's success story?


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