Overprotective Dad Accused of Blowing Up Daughter's Boyfriend

fireI'm sure most girls are nervous when introducing their boyfriends to their fathers for the first time -- and with good reason. Even if they're goofballs at heart, dads can be super intimidating and extremely overprotective of their little girls. It could take years before they ever come around to their child's mate. However, no matter how uncomfortable the relationship between a girl's father and her boyfriend may be, I don't think she ever has to worry about her dad blowing up her beau. Well, most of the time.


A 52-year-old man was recently arrested in Cologne, Germany on the suspicion that he blew up his daughter's boyfriend. According to prosecutors, it appears that he forced his way into the 17-year-old's apartment Monday night and poured gasoline all over the floor. A short while later, the gasoline evaporated and caused a gigantic explosion that hurled the victim from his fourth-floor window, killing him. Supposedly, the dad had threatened the boyfriend in the past because he didn't like him dating his daughter.

So he (allegedly) killed him? Wow. Seems pretty extreme. You'd think that since the man had a child of his own, he'd have a little more compassion. You'd think he'd think, "Hey, this is somebody's kid." You'd think he'd know that blowing up another person because you don't like them is insane.

As of now, the suspect is in an induced coma, as he was injured at the scene, also. So now, there's some poor girl out who isn't just without her boyfriend, but who's without her father, as well. Great plan, dad.

What do you think of this?


Image via benwatts/Flickr

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