Ex-Cop Accused of Turning Photos of Young Girls Into Porn & Calling It Art

cameraIf you have ever Googled your own name, join the club. We all have done it. Most of us, however, haven't found the horrors that police say 42-year-old Paul Mason had put out on the web: photos of teenage girls digitally altered and then uploaded to a porn site.

Mason is a former police officer, karate instructor, and church's youth leader. He's now the main suspect at the center of a child porn case, making him every parent's worst nightmare.


The Australian man was caught by cops after a woman who is now in her 20s plugged her name into a search engine and discovered photos of her 16-year-old self on an explicit site. And she wasn't the only one. The whole debacle has uncovered a host of images Mason allegedly created using photos he shot of teenage girls who he met through his work with kids.

How's that for giving you the heebie jeebies. He was a cop. A church youth leader. A karate instructor.

It's like taking three of the "good guys" you'd expect your kids to be safest with and rolling them up into one creep.

We tell our kids to run to a cop when something bad happens. We hire karate instructors to teach them self defense. We turn to pastors for counseling.

But it seems that Mason was the exact opposite of everything he purported himself to be. Cops say he said he doctors innocent images of some of the young girls because he's an "artist," and he liked making people think that they were real photos of these young girls naked. Excuse me while I go throw up!?

Sadly, but not surprisingly for a guy with such questionable moral judgment, the investigation has even uncovered several sexual relationships Mason allegedly engaged in with girls as young as 14 over the years. Now he's facing more than 50 child sex and pornography charges, but just think ... if it weren't for that one Google search, this alleged predator could still be out there around even more kids.

What do you think should be done with this guy if he's convicted?


Image via annafur/Flickr

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