Protesters March Outside the Republican Convention (VIDEO)

Republican Convention Protest

It's a volatile time for our nation, so it should come as no surprise that outside the Republican National Convention this week, you'll find plenty of protesters. And you may find you have more in common with these marchers than you think.

Check out our Moms Matter video coverage of the RNC protests after the jump.


While these protesters are perhaps more committed to their opposition than the average American, their concerns mirror those of many moms we've talked to over the last year. Many moms list health care and education as top concerns, and moms across the board despise the influence money has on politics.

Protesters outside the convention probably got far more media coverage yesterday than they otherwise would have, since Tropical Storm Isaac forced RNC organizers to cancel convention events on Monday. Inside the convention center, things were pretty quiet, so hundreds of reporters and photographers found their stories for the day out on the streets alongside these marchers. At times, it seemed there were more members of the media at the protest than protesters. And as a veteran television reporter, I can tell you that's not an unusual situation!

Protests will continue throughout the week, rain or shine. There's even a temporary tent village called "Romneyville" for protesters to rest, recharge, and rehydrate. And many of these protesters plan to head on to Charlotte next week to march outside of the Democratic National Convention.

Stay tuned to this blog and to our Moms Matter YouTube page for our convention coverage this week and next. We'll keep you posted on events both inside and outside the convention walls.

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