'Bigfoot' Killed by Car in Montana Baffles Even Police

bigfootA man dressed up as Bigfoot (or Sasquatch) was struck and killed by two cars Sunday night while he was trying to provoke a sighting in Northern Montana. I am not sure whether to laugh or cry. 

Randy Lee Tenley put on a full military style "Ghillie suit" and stood in a lane in the highway, waiting for someone to call in a Bigfoot sighting. WTF? Sorry, but seriously. This isn't a laughing matter as a man is dead, but come ON. These suits are specifically designed for camouflage. What did he think might happen?

As bizarre and dumb as it is on one hand, it's also sad if you look at it another way. Maybe Tenley wanted to put a little magic back in people's lives. Maybe he wanted us to believe in something. Still, he picked a dangerous way to do it.


Let's, for a moment, ignore the fact that it's dangerous to walk around dressed as a supernatural or cryptozoological creature. Maybe he just wanted people to believe in something. The fact is, it's a pretty depressing world out there right now. Maybe this man wanted to bring back a little mystery.

OK, so standing out on the highway wearing camouflage may not be a great plan, but I have some other ideas to bring back whimsy that might not be as dangerous. Maybe a woman could go flitting through the forest on wires, wearing wings and sprinkling pixie dust. Maybe a person could wear a giant space suit and emerge from a cardboard UFO saying, "greetings, Earthling." Or maybe another man could trek through the Himalayas wrapped in a frozen suit of snow.

What's that you say? All of these are dangerous? Oh yes. Well, there IS that. 

Look, a man is dead and that is horrifically sad. Making fun of him seems pointless and cruel. I appreciate the effort to bring a little humor and curiosity back to a world that has seen it all. But for God's sake, people, stand on the SIDE of the road, OK? Let's also not ignore the fact that this was dangerous to others as well, not just himself. Someone in one of the cars could have been killed as well.

When even the cops are shaking their heads and saying they have never heard of anything like it, you know it might have been a really bad idea.

Do you believe in Bigfoot?


Image via Sears

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