Teen Sends Eerie Message the Day Before She Is Murdered

hannah trueloveIt seemed as though Hannah Truelove had simply vanished from her Gainesville, Georgia neighborhood. After her mother reported her missing, police began a search that ended a day later when the 16-year-old was found dead in the woods behind their apartment building. 

Chillingly, Hannah may have foreshadowed her tragic end on Twitter in the days leading up to her death.


The high school student had tweeted several ominous messages recently.  On August 12 she wrote,

"I got me an uglyass stalker. This can't be happening..."

A week later she tweeted,

"So scared right now."

Then, the night before she disappeared she shared,

"I need to move out of these dang apartments."

Friends who read the messages didn't suspect anything was genuinely wrong. “I didn't take it seriously,” said Cristina Robles, Hannah's high school classmate. Now, she said, “I think I could have helped and talked to her about it and taken it more seriously.”

Her body was discovered Friday night behind the Lake Lanier Club Apartments by a man walking through the woods en route to visit his grandchildren. Given the nature of the injuries, police have ruled the death a homicide and are now looking into Hannah's claims that she did indeed have a stalker.

Are you surprised friends did not take the teen's tweets seriously?


Image via Twitter

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