CafeMom and HLN Hold Panel Discussion at the Republican Convention

HLN Mom PanelThe GOP may have canceled day one of the Republican National Convention, but CafeMom and Headline News stayed busy today, holding a discussion in the CNN Grill with a panel of notable Republican moms. Regular readers of The Stir know one of these moms all too well.

Find out who she is after the jump.


Outspoken conservative political blogger Jenny Erikson was one of the moms on our panel, and as you'd probably guess, she had plenty to say.

HLN anchor Kyra Phillips and I also talked to Utah Republican Laura Bridgewater. In addition to being a delegate for her state, she's a Mormon mother of four and professor and chair of the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Biology at Brigham Young University.

Our third mom on the panel was Congressman Marsha Blackburn (yes, she prefers 'Congressman' to 'Congresswoman'), a mother, grandmother, and staunch Tea Party Republican, representing Tennessee's 7th District.

These moms had plenty to say regarding the Republican Party and why they believe it truly represents women from all walks of life. They also had advice for Mitt Romney on how he can make a connection with female voters in particular.

We'll share our video from the panel with you soon. And be sure and watch for it on HLN this week as well.

And for all of you devoted Democrats out there -- not to worry! We're holding another panel discussion next week with HLN at the Democratic National Convention.

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