Women's Fight for the Right to Go Topless Is a Total Bust (VIDEO)

woman in bikini topExhibitionistic, open-minded, and/or just all around brave ladies united yesterday in major metropolises all over the country to protest a serious issue affecting Americans' ... topless inequality. No kidding! Yesterday, annual Go-Topless Day was marked by women in New York, Venice, Phoenix, and other cities who protested to draw attention to inequality in topless rights between men and women.

Women can already legally go topless in NYC (not that all that many actually do), but in other necks of the woods across the nation, topless participants put strips of tape over their chests to avoid getting arrested. Yup, that's the good ol' USA for you -- you can risk arrest just by having your "girls" on display!


It really is crazy when you think about how we have such a terrible double standard in this country when it comes to toplessness. The less fair sex can display their own massive man breasts without a problem just about anywhere, whereas we women folk often get grief for showing a bit of cleavage -- let alone exposing our entire chests. I don't blame these protesters for standing up, taking off their bras, and calling attention to the absurdity that women don't have the same rights that men have to go bare-chested in public.

And yet, at the same time, good freakin' luck to them! Americans are so uptight about even the most innocent breast imagery that we've got controversies right and left surrounding women being able to breastfeed in public or even post breastfeeding photos or artistic breast-centric pics (for, say, breast cancer awareness) via social media. And these women think they're going to be able to get city governments -- and the people who live in these cities -- to be cool with women walking around topless? Ha! That'll be the day. I definitely wish them well, and it's worthwhile to point out the insanity. But as far as actually seeing the day when Americans will be okay with topless equality? I'm sorry, but keep dreamin', ladies.

Do you think women should have the same "topless rights" as men?

Image via Maegan Tintari/Flickr

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