RNC Convention Schedule Highlights: When & Where to Watch the Big Speeches

Mitt RomneyTropical Storm Isaac may have put a damper on the Republican National Committee's plans to get their convention under way today, but he can only rain on their parade for so long. The RNC has adjusted its schedule to cut out today's planned activities, but provided Isaac doesn't do something crazy, there is still expected to be a hefty slate of speakers on tap for the days to come in Tampa.

Don't have time to sit in front of your TV all week? Don't worry. There are just a few key speeches you'll really want to hear. Here's a guide to the big ones -- from presidential candidate Mitt Romney's wife Ann to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who is giving this year's keynote.



7 p.m. Eastern -- Speaker of the House John Boehner will take to the podium to deliver his remarks. Also during this hour former presidential candidate and former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum will be speaking.

9 p.m. -- Although Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval will kick off this hour of speeches, the real highlight is expected to be South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley who will take the podium near the end of the hour.

10 p.m. -- Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's wife, Ann Romney, will take the time to talk about Mitt the "husband and father" in this hour. She'll share the time slot with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who has the honor of giving this year's keynote. He's expected to speak for about 20 minutes on why Romney should be elected the next president of the United States.


8 p.m. -- Senator and 2008 Republican Candidate for President John McCain will kick off the evening with his comments.

10 p.m. -- Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice begins this hour of speeches, but it's vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan who everyone will really be waiting to hear. Romney's running mate will give a more in-depth version of the speech debuted at his old high school in Wisconsin.


10 p.m. -- The moment Republicans have been waiting for will come near the close of the convention when Mitt Romney is expected to accept the nomination.

Provided Isaac doesn't throw a monkey wrench into the new schedule, the big three networks -- ABC, CBS, and NBC -- are expected to air all of these speeches.

Who will you be staying up to watch?


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