Latest Psycho to Kidnap Newborn From Hospital in Fake Scrubs Is Just 19-Years-Old (VIDEO)

stolen babySo I'm hoping to god this whole "dress up in scrubs and pretend to be a nurse so you can steal a newborn from the hospital" thing isn't becoming some sort of crime trend, because so far this month? This has happened twice! To completely different babies in completely different hospitals. And that's just two times too many.

Especially considering the fact that this latest babysnatcher-in-disguise was just 19 years old! Who apparently spent the past few months trying to convince her family she was pregnant. Oh, lord. What is wrong with people?!


Why, why, why? According to police, Breona Moore, 19, dressed up in nurse's scrubs, went to the hospital and pretended to be the sister of a 3-day-old newborn's mom. Then, once she gained access to the room, she claimed to be a nurse and said "she needed to take the baby for a checkup ... The family eventually realized something was amiss and alerted hospital officials."

Well, I should hope so! Thankfully, as with the last faux-nurse newborn abduction attempt, Moore was apprehended before she made it off of hospital grounds. But wtf? Don't most hospitals have some kind of rule about employee ID badges or something?!

All I know is, if I was having a baby right now? I'd be fairly terrified to hand that kid off to anybody, scrubs or not. Can you prove you're a nurse?! Quick, take my blood!!

Would you be scared about a crime like this if you were having a baby right now?

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