Mass Murderer Anders Breivik's Insanely Short Prison 'Sentence' Puts No Value on Life (VIDEO)

Anders Behring BreivikThe five-judge panel in the Norway court that convicted mass killer Anders Behring Breivik could have dropped a bomb and had less of an impact. The man who killed 77 people, most of them children, in 2011 will face punishment for his crimes. But the sentence is so short it's more slap in the face than justice for the families mourning their loved ones.

Breivik was sentenced to 21 years in prison by the judges who declared he was sane enough to be punished for the massacre at a camp in Utoya last summer. No, I didn't forget a 0, although reading the news reports this morning, I thought reporters had. That's when I started doing the math and realized exactly what this sentence represents.


Twenty-one years for 77 deaths. That's just about three months in prison per death. 

Imagine, if you will, your child has been murdered, shot in cold blood by a deranged killer. Now the court says their killer will only spend three months in prison, then walk free.

That is what has happened to dozens of parents in Norway this week. The worth of their children's lives has been parsed down to less time than it takes for a human mother to actually gestate a child. Forget the time we put into loving, caring for, raising a child ... it takes longer for a human to be created than Breivik will spend in jail for killing innocent human beings.

According to Norwegian law, Breivik, who is 33, could see his 10- to 21-year sentence extended if he remains a "threat" to society at the end of his term in prison. One can only imagine that the judges used that odd quirk in their system in crafting this sentence. But it doesn't erase the message that has been sent to these families, to murderers down the line: life in Norway isn't worth the time it takes to create it.

What kind of punishment do you think would be more fitting for Anders Breivik?


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