Romney Tells Moms He'll Improve Our Lives Through Better Jobs & School Choice

romneyCafeMom members got an exciting opportunity recently: They were invited to submit their questions to presidential candidate Mitt Romney for an exclusive feature in Sunday's Parade Magazine! Kelsey M. of Orange, Virginia asked, "I'm a stay-home mom of two children. How will your presidency improve my life?"

I think that's one of the most important questions we all consider when we look at the two presidential candidates. What are YOU going to do to make MY life better? For Romney, the answer comes down to two priorities: More jobs and school choice.


Here's the exact quote from Romney:

One, you'll be able to see better jobs with rising income again. And you'll know that when your kids go to school, it's a school of your choice, not the government's. And you'll know that when your kids come out of school, there will be a good job waiting for them.

Romney didn't elaborate on what exactly he is going to do to make those better jobs happen. But I do know part of his platform is providing tax breaks for corporations. Does that actually work? 

Obama is also saying more and better jobs is a priority. I think it's important for both candidates to say more about how they'll make that happen. These issues get really wonky quickly, but it's important to pay attention. 

As for school choice, I think Romney may be talking about charter schools and private school vouchers. As you've probably guessed, I lean pretty liberal. But not when it comes to school choice.

Here in New York City a lot of us are frustrated and fed up with our local public schools. We want alternatives! Change happens so slowly in public schools (especially in huge systems like ours), and our children need better schools NOW. When it comes to our kids, a lot of us are ready to ditch abstract ideals (like keeping money in regular public schools) if it means a getting better education for our children today. What's more, school choice may be one of the few issues Obama and Romney both support, though they differ on the specifics.

Read more of the Romney interview in this weekend's Parade.

Do you think a Romney presidency will really produce more and better jobs? How do you feel about school choice?


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