Superhero Surgeon Rides Kid's Bike Through Traffic Hell to Save Patient (VIDEO)

surgeon kids bikeAnd the best doctor ever in the history of, well, EVER award goes to Catherine Baucom, MD, of Baton Rouge, LA. The surgeon was on her way to the hospital -- to perform surgery, of course -- on Wednesday morning when she got stuck in the snarliest of traffic snarls. You know the type -- when the highway looks like a parking lot and people start getting out of their cars to stretch their legs? Well, Dr. Baucom wasn't about to let a little traffic jam stand in her way. Not when a prepped-for-surgery patient was waiting. So you know what that doctor did?

She pulled a badass, that's what she did.


Dr. Baucom remembered that a friend of hers lived a few blocks away from where she happened to be sitting in traffic, so she hopped out of her car, ran to the house, and asked to borrow a very different set of wheels: A pink bicycle belonging to her friend's 7-year-old daughter.

Brilliant! Nothing like a tiny two-wheeler to navigate a gridlocked road. Even if Dr. Baucom is nearly 6 feet tall. (At least the matching pink princess helmet was a surprisingly good fit.)

But there would be one more obstacle on Dr. Baucom's course: The long arm of the law. When police saw a tall woman in surgeon's scrubs and a princess helmet hit the highway on a little pink two-wheeler, they (not surprisingly) stopped her.

BUT when she explained the situation, they actually escorted her to the hospital. Where Dr. Baucom continued her day of badassery by saving somebody's life.

And that is why Dr. Catherine Baucom is awesome.

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Image via WSFA

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