Men Groping Sleeping Women on Planes Is Pretty Common, Says FBI

sleeping maskYou know how most of us like to sleep on the plane, especially during a long flight? Well, I'm just saying -- I'm not sure how easy I'll rest on my next red-eye. A woman on a flight from the Philippines to Hawaii took a small dose of Nyquil to help her fall asleep. Next thing she knew, the man sitting next to her was groping her!

And here's the worst part (well, unless you count the description of exactly what Mr. All Hands did). The FBI says cases of inappropriate behavior on airplanes are pretty common. They get around four calls a month with these sorts of complaints. Ugh, guys! FBI Special Agent Tom Simon says, "Understanding that this defendant is innocent until proven guilty, it's not the job of the FBI to tell a 22-year-old man to keep his hands to himself." 

Not the FBI's job -- you don't say! So let's meet this 22-year-old Romeo and find out what he did.


Luavalu Seuva'ai has been charged with sexually assaulting the woman. But get this -- he had the nerve to plead "not guilty" and claims she was "flirting" with him and he was just flirting back. Because that's how flirting works. You smile politely to the guy sitting next to you who won't shut up, and he responds by "flirtatiously" sticking his hands up your bra. YES, THAT'S HOW BAD IT WAS. Ugh.

I'm just glad that, even though this story is now going to make me paranoid about falling asleep on a plane, at least the FBI isn't issuing idiotic "women beware!" warnings and tips on protecting yourself from the man-child sitting next to you who can't control himself. It's not OUR job to tell a 22-year-old man to keep his hands to himself, either. Instead, Agent Tom says, "To state the obvious, a woman should be able to fall asleep on an airplane without being groped by her seat mate." Jeebus, I'm glad we're in agreement about that!

Do you feel comfortable falling asleep on the airplane?


Image via MadEmoiselle Sugar/Flickr

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