Martin Luther King Jr. Interview Found After 52 Years & We All Need to Hear It (LISTEN)

martin luther king jrIf you've never understood the appeal of shows like American Pickers or Antiques Road Show, maybe this will change your mind. A homeowner in Tennessee was rummaging through boxes in his attic recently, and he came across one of the greatest historical finds of this century. An old unreleased recording of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was just sitting there gathering dust.

If Stephon Tull goes through with plans to sell the reel-to-reel interview taped by his late father, he could rake in some serious cash. But before you run off to paw through boxes in your attic for something good, hold up! Tull realizes how important Dr. King's words are to history, and he's shared the audio!


According to what Dr. King had to say on December 21, 1960, three years before the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, he was already thinking about how the civil rights movement would be viewed by us here in the future. As he said:

I am convinced that when the history books are written in future years, historians will have to record this movement as one of the greatest epics of our heritage. It represents struggle on the highest level of dignity and discipline.

We know now that he was right, but in many ways these words show just how forward-thinking Dr. King was. While many people think of change in terms of how it will affect their lives, he was thinking about the lives of children, grandchildren, of us here and now. This is why he was able to effect the change he did.

Take a listen to this amazing find:

What do these words mean to you today? What about Dr. King's interview really jumped out at you?


Image via OakleyOriginals/Flickr

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