Teen Girl's Sex Abuser Has Some Nerve Saying She 'Ruined His Life'

justiceHow's this for bizarre? A lawyer actually expects sympathy for a client who confessed to felony sexual abuse. What's more, David Meija is blaming Savannah Dietrich, the then 16-year-old girl who was attacked and sexually abused by two boys, for "ruining" the low-life's life.

In a week when we've heard a Congressman refer some rapes as "legitimate," I suppose we shouldn't be surprised. And yet, I wonder if David Meija has been spending so much time around criminals that he is actually starting to think like them.


Dietrich is the teenager whose story went national a few months ago after she tweeted the names of her attackers against a court order. The teen said she was frustrated with how the case was being handled, which is why she took to the Internet. She was threatened with jail time, but public outcry convinced the judge that additional punishment for a crime victim was unnecessary.

But Dietrich is once again being painted as the ogre here. Meija is peddling a sob story of how his client has been forced to move, has likely lost his athletic scholarship to an Ivy League school, and is now in therapy -- all of which he blames on Dietrich.

Excuse me, Counselor, but you do realize your client is the one who took advantage of a drunk girl at a high school party? He, not she, is responsible for everything that's happened to him since that night, m'kay?

This blame the victim mentality is not a sign of what Dietrich has done but of the lack of remorse this boy has for his crime. Working in the newspaper industry, I see it frequently. The criminals aren't sorry that they did something wrong; they're sorry that they got caught. They're sorry that they've been publicly shamed for their actions.

I can't tell you how many times I've had to deal with angry phone calls from someone who showed up in the police blotter for a crime they claim they didn't commit. Of course, I've never gotten a follow-up apology from said criminals when they were convicted in court.

I'll believe that a sexual assault victim is responsible for ruining her attacker's life about the same time I believe that there's ever a "legitimate" rape.

Do you think this boy has a case against Dietrich?


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