Casey Anthony Goes Free But Is She Still Holding You Captive?

casey anthony mug shotBy the end of this week Casey Anthony will be a free woman. Her one-year probation for check fraud will be complete, and she will be allowed to live and work wherever she wants to. Her lawyer, Charles Greene, says she's eager to move on with her life but that her plans remain "confidential." Will we ever truly let Casey Anthony be free?

Casey still faces death threats and lawsuits. She's been in hiding not just because of her probation, but because she's been known as the most hated woman in America. A jury of her peers found her not guilty of the murder of her daughter, Caylee, but a disturbing number of people still hold her responsible. And they need to let go. Casey deserves to move on with her life safely, and un-harassed.


Not that Casey doesn't have a few things to answer for -- like naming Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez as the kidnapper of Caylee (lawsuit pending). But the rest of us need to move on with our own lives. Do you have a life? Do you have, like, a job and bills to pay and kids to raise and stuff like that? If so, great! Now is a super time to let go of your Casey Anthony obsession.

Yes, I said it, obsession. Greene says people are still obsessed with Casey -- for all kinds of reasons. "People ranging from the media to people with lawsuits against her to people with just a fantastic obsession with her search for her on daily basis. People have a fascination with her life that, for some people, borders on psychotic.

There ought to be a hotline for Casey Anthony obsessives: 1-800-NutCase. Call today to talk with a therapist about your Casey Anthony issues! Help get over your urge to follow her around in your Sherlock Holmes costume with your hidden spy pen camera. We will administer psychotropic drugs if necessary. And remember: Nancy Grace is a great dancer but she's not right about everything. In order for Casey Anthony to move on with her life, Casey Anthony obsessives need to move on with their lives, too.

Do you think Casey Anthony will ever live free from threats to her life?


Image via Orange Country Sheriff

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