Bullies Cover Gay Kid's Car in Slurs But Amazing Town More Than Makes Up for It (VIDEO)

Jordan AddisonFeeling down about the state of the human race? Join the club. It's an election year after all! But the Virginia auto repair shop that fixed a gay college student's car after bullies had vandalized it could be just the boost you need to restore your faith in humanity.

Unfortunately, you're going to have to take one more hit before we tell you the good part. It turns out Jordan Addison's ride was hit by vandals four times over between March and May. The Radford University student found a number of gay slurs keyed into the paint, but he couldn't hide them, and he didn't have the money for repairs.


It's hard to determine which emotion wins out when you take in what these bigots did to Addison's car. Are you more inclined to cry for him in sympathy for his troubles or shake your fist in anger at the idiots who did this?

These are exactly the sort of news stories that make me want to turn off my computer at night, sit down on my couch and refuse to watch any news program or pick up any newspaper. You get to a point where you are simply overloaded by awful.

And yet, if we don't pay attention, we miss the flip side. If I'd let my horror and outrage at Jordan Addison's predicament, I wouldn't have learned that businesses in Roanoke, Virginia came together to come up with a total of $10,000 to not only fix the guy's Volkswagen but to trick it out with tinted windows, new tires, a new stereo, and even a new security system to keep the vandals at bay.

In total 10 businesses, including Quality Auto Paint and Body which did the work, chipped in to let Jordan Addison know that not everyone in their area is filled with the disgusting hate and disrespect for other people's things that those vandals exhibited.

I'd say his faith in people is restored, how about yours? Check out Jordan getting his new ride:

Do you get overloaded by the awful news every day? How do you come to grips with it all?


 Image via WTVR

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