Cop Fired for Slamming This Woman's Body Into a Car (VIDEO)

policeSo, here's something rather unpleasant and uncalled for. A cop from Pensacola, Florida recently was caught on camera slamming a young woman into her car after he pulled her over after a hit and run. Supposedly, the woman wouldn't stay in her car, so the cop, you know, kept slamming her body into the car. Nice, right?

But, hey, the good news is he got fired.





I don't understand. I mean, you can clearly hear the woman say: "You don't have to hit me. I'm not fighting you." So why is he fighting her? I'm not sure what exactly happened prior what we see on the video, but the woman is clearly cooperating here. This violence is totally uncalled for.

Now, don't get me wrong, cops are great and I love them and this is totally not an anti-law enforcement post, so don't get it twisted, but! I think we've all seen one too many videos of police officers using unnecessary force on people in our day -- on men or women. Enough already. It's a ridiculous abuse of power, and odds are, you're going to get caught. We get it, you're the boss. Now just stop already. Can't we all just get along?

How unnecessary is this?

Image via Foto_blog/Flickr


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