Victim in Horrifying 'Body Parts' Case Identified: She Was a Single Mom

guang hua liuThe mysterious head, hands, and foot of a woman found outside Toronto last week have been identified: Police are confident that they belong to single mother Guang Hua Liu. The 41-year-old had one grown child and two younger children who live with their father. She owned a licensed spa. She was last seen alive on August 10.

More pieces of Guang's body were found bout 50 kilometers away from the others over the weekend: An arm and two calves. Police are searching her home and former business and checking surveillance video from the area for clues. Guang's ex is not considered a person of interest yet. 

I'm relieved that police have identified the victim. But the more details we learn about this story the more gruesome the story gets.


It's chilling to know that Guang was a single mother. If her children lived with their father she may have lived alone, which would make her vulnerable. She was a business owner, so maybe she was robbed? But why was her body chopped up? It's just such a sick thing to do. As if killing he weren't bad enough, someone cut her body into pieces.

I hate to think of what Guang's children must be going through now. Imagine this happening to your mother! Even if they didn't live with her, they still probably loved her and cared about her. And when something this horrific happens it can't help but totally destroy the family's sense of security. I feel terribly for those kids.

As heartbreaking as it is to find out who the victim of this shocking crime was, at least police are that much closer to finding out who is responsible for her death. That's probably going to be even more difficult than identifying the body. But in the meantime, I hope someone is looking out for her kids and making sure they get the support they need right now.

Do you think police will ever find the person responsible for Guang's death?


Image via Toronto Police

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