Hilarious NASA 'Sexy And I Know It' Parody Will Make You Starry-Eyed for Scientists (VIDEO)

nasa sexy and i know itSeemingly overnight -- or at least since they got Curiosity to land on Mars -- the NASA space team have become total rock stars. It hasn't hurt that cutie Bobak Ferdowsi -- the Flight Director on the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity mission -- made heads turn with his killer mohawk with stars cut into the side.

So, it was really only a matter of time before someone produced a "Sexy And I Know It" parody that pays tribute to our one, our only space exploration program. The smart and saucy viral video has it all: A Bobak impersonator, break-dancing NASA employees, and even Curiosity "herself" ... dressed in an American flag bikini. In short, it's completely awesome.

Check it out ...


Hilaaarious! I am going to be singing, "Crane lower that rover ... N-n-now bug out!" all day! So geeky, but SO FUN! Ha!

I know, it's a bit of a bummer that the video doesn't feature the real team themselves, but I guess they've got plenty of more pressing tasks to tend to than gettin' their groove on to LMFAO. And regardless, I totally love that our country's most brilliant space gurus are getting almost as much attention as E.L. James, Kim Kardashian, and the cast of Jersey Shore combined. Given the exciting new frontiers they're exploring, they certainly deserve at least that.

How awesome is this?


Image via Satire/YouTube

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