Moms Matter Partners with HLN for Election Coverage! (VIDEO)

HLNIf watching our Moms Matter videos on YouTube and reading our political posts on The Stir isn't enough for you, I've got good news!

Moms Matter has partnered with HLN for election coverage!

This means that I'll be reporting for both CafeMom and HLN at the Democratic and Republican conventions. It also means that HLN is showing our road trip videos each night this week on 'Evening Express!'

Yesterday, I sat down with HLN political reporter Kyra Phillips to talk about the issues that matter most to moms in the upcoming election.

Click through to see the video!



That gives you a general idea of our coverage plans, and a snapshot of what's on moms' minds as we head toward the election.

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The results of our Moms Matter survey have been reiterated over and over again as I've spent the last ten months talking to moms across the country. You are deeply worried about the economy and how it's affecting your family's budget. You have experienced some degree of hard times because of the recession, whether you or your spouse lost a job, had a house foreclosed on, or simply watched helplessly as living expenses went up and your income did not. You are tired of the political game-playing in Washington. You are looking for candidates who can prove to you that they understand what real working and middle class families are going through.

We've worked hard to cover election issues from a different angle-- your angle-- and we'll continue to do that at the conventions. You can watch the speeches and hear what party bigshots have to say anywhere, but here on The Stir and on HLN, expect to get entirely different stories from us. We'll be looking for angles you won't see anywhere else, and talking to people at the conventions who want to take political discussion beyond the rhetoric.

I'm excited!

Are you?

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