Todd Akin's 'Apology' Ad Highlights His Dunce-Like Understanding of the Female Body (VIDEO)

Todd AkinTodd Akin is sorry. The would-be Senator from Missouri and current Congressman is sorry that he said that women can't get pregnant from "legitimate" rape (as if that even exists). He is so sorry, in fact, that he is running a TV spot to prove it.

In the 30-second spot, Akin says: “Rape is an evil act." Yeah. Akin does not need to tell that to any woman who has been raped or pretty much any woman, period. We all live with the fear of being raped every single day from the time we are about 10 (and even before). For women, rape is s daily fear, something we think about every time we walk through a dark parking garage or home from the subway after dark. My sister lives two blocks away and after 8 p.m. I drive to her house because I am afraid. Is Akin sorry about that, too?

See his apology below:


Akin says:

I used the wrong words in the wrong way, and for that I apologize. [I have a] a compassionate heart for the victims of sexual assault... rape can lead to pregnancy.

It is just too little, too late. His whole party is calling on him to resign for good reason. Akin is a blight on the Republican party right now and going into the convention, it does not look too great. But that is not the most troubling part.

OBVIOUSLY rape can lead to pregnancy. Did anyone but this imbecile even question that? This is not a question that should need to be asked. Human biology does not differentiate between "evil" sperm and the married kind. It impregnates either way.

He did not misspeak or, if he did, even that mistake says so much about how he thinks of rape. I don't think one has to have a vagina to know how violating and awful rape would feel. You would be hard pressed to meet a woman who has not been touched by sexual assault in some way. Whether she testified at her best friend's rape trial or her sister, college roommate or close friend was raped, most women who have not been raped themselves known someone who has.

We can all imagine the violation, the change to one's sense of self and security and safety and the life change that comes from rape, whether it was a stranger or someone she thought was a "friend." Most of us can attest that there is no "legitimate" rape. Rape is rape. Why are we splitting hairs over what kind it is? Never even mind his egregious scientific errors, which are cause for dismissal on their own.

This is not a "woman's issue." This is a human issue. And what Akin says to me is this: I lack compassion. I lack empathy. I am a person who thinks women are "less than" and I do not believe they deserve to control their own bodies.

If he can find a way to apologize for being a miserable, stupid human being, I may accept it. But then I doubt that is possible. Until then, he has no forgiveness.

Do you believe his apology?


Image via ToddAkinTube/YouTube

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