Dairy Queen Attacked by Sword-Wielding Samurai & That Ain't Cool (VIDEO)

diary queen samurai swordSo apparently we can add "Dairy Queen employee" to the list of Most Dangerous Jobs. Just ask the poor guy who happened to be on soft-serve duty in a Las Vegas DQ when a masked man brandishing a "full-sized, martial arts sword" ran into his store screaming. Because I'm pretty sure he'd agree. I'm also pretty sure there's no entry in the Dairy Queen employee handbook index under: "Shoplifters, see Samurai sword-wielding."

Thankfully, the employee wasn't hurt ... because the ice cream thing was just a front, and he's really a trained Samurai warror!

No, just kidding. Not about the employee not getting hurt, because he really didn't get hurt. But his weapon of self-defense wasn't a sword ...


It was a handgun, which he used to shoot the would-be thief (since identified as 36-year-old Bong Pak, who was pronounced dead after being rushed to the hospital). Yikes! All in a day's work?!

I just ... I just don't know what to say anymore. We've got dudes calling 911 for beer and other dudes butt-dialing 911 during drug deals. We've got lab technicians having drunken "partially-clothed" parties with monkeys. Some 23-year-old genius filmed himself driving around shooting a stolen gun out the window ... and put the video on YouTube. And don't even get me started on the zombies or the psychopaths on shooting rampages.

I want to ask what this world is coming to, but, you know, that would be lame and clichéd. So I guess the only other option is to crawl under the covers and hide for ... ever. I scream, you scream, we all scream ... because some guy with a sword just tried to rob a Dairy Queen and I can't take this shit anymore!

What's the craziest crime you've heard about recently? 

Image via FOX5

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