Dead Dad Will Only Grant Gay Son Money IF He Marries a Woman

willYou know what the worst kind of meanness is? Post-mortem meanness. Nothing says f**k you quite like somebody screwing you over from beyond the grave. A haunting proverbial middle finger, if you will. And the latest demonstration of this kind of meanness is nothing short of disgusting. A man who passed away will only let his son's son (his grandchild) inherit the money he left him if his father weds his mother. The only problem? The child's father is gay, and the grandfather supposedly knew that.



Frank Mandelbaum died in 2007 at the age of 73 and left it in his will that the only way his son Robert's child could get their hands on their portion of the $180,000 trust he set aside for his grandkids was if Robert were to marry the child's mom "within six months of the child's birth." Well, guess what? Sixteen months ago Robert's son Cooper Mandell was born and he did get married. Just not to Cooper's surrogate. Robert got married to his long-time partner, Jonathan O'Donnell, whom his father knew. According to court papers, Robert claims that his father was well-aware that he was gay. So well-aware, in fact, that O'Donnell was often included in family dinners and vacations. So, yeah. A final "screw you" if there ever was one.

Robert is currently in the midst of a rather unpleasant, drawn-out legal battle, trying to get his son what should rightfully be his. Robert's attorney, Anne Bederka, wrote in court papers: "Requiring a gay man to marry a woman ... to ensure his child’s bequest is tantamount to expecting him either to live in celibacy, or to engage in extramarital activity with another man, and is therefore contrary to public policy. There is no doubt that what [Frank Mandelbaum] has sought to do is induce Robert to marry a woman."

As a parent, I really don't understand how or why someone would do this to their child -- or to their grandchild. What an incredibly close-minded, foolish stipulation for a child to receive money. If he hated the fact that his son was gay so much, why not have a conversation about things instead of partaking in this spiteful, immature act? Really low.

Hopefully little Cooper will eventually get what he is owed, because no matter what his grandfather's thoughts on homosexuality were, he's got nothing to do with this.

What do you think of this?

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