President Obama & George Clooney Shouldn't Have to Hide Their Bromance

obama clooneyDating back probably to George Washington's time, presidents of the U.S. have hung out with American gliteratti -- be that the top businessmen or top entertainers. But for some reason, President Obama and George Clooney have had to keep their bromance on the DL. Until now.

The prez reportedly "goes public" with their friendship in an interview airing tonight on Entertainment Tonight, admitting that he got to know Clooney through their joint work on Sudan and Darfur when Obama was in the U.S. Senate. And FLOTUS Michelle Obama isn't being so shy about her affection for the movie star either, admitting, "He's cute, too." Aww! Still, President Obama feels compelled to note how he appreciates that Clooney is "sensitive to the fact that, you know, if he's around a lot, then somehow it'll be tagged as 'Obama hanging out with Hollywood stars.'" Laaaame.


Unfortunately, that is what would happen and what WILL happen as a result of Obama admitting that the two hang out. What a bummer.

It's not as if Clooney is your everyday "Hollywood star." Like Angelina Jolie and Ben Affleck, the guy's highly, personally invested in international crises. He's not doing what he can to support the president's re-election so that he or the major movie studios out will get some kind of snazzy tax break. He just wants the man in the White House to be on the same page regarding humanitarian causes. How scandalous!

Call me crazy, but I just don't see the harm in that. Not to mention that it's far less toxic a relationship than the ones Republicans notoriously have with Wall Streeters/1 percenters who are strictly and unabashedly invested in their own wealth and prosperity. 

So, more power to Obama for acknowledging his low-key friendship with George. When voters debate whether or not to re-elect the president, it's clear that his productive bromance is definitely more pro than con.

How do you feel about Obama and Clooney's friendship?

Image via Win McNamee/Getty

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