Photo of Amelia Earhart’s Plane Could Finally Put Mystery to Rest

amelia earhart
Amelia Earhart, 1937.

There may be many a mystery floating around Amelia Earhart, but there's one thing that's certain -- Amelia and her plane are the gift that keeps on giving. Doesn't it feel like new details emerge every few weeks about her wreck, her death, her makeup routine? Today's news comes off the heels of last night's Discovery Channel special. After the show delved into the trials and tribulations of the $2.2 million adventure into the Pacific between Australia and Hawaii to find the Lockheed model, the documentary ended on a possible high note. There may be a photo of the wreckage.

Or not.


No one's sure. All researchers know is that they're going to have to go back and do a little more poking and prodding before they can either confirm or deny that the high-res, underwater pictures do, in fact, show a fender, a wheel, and a pulley from her plane.

Here's hoping, and not hoping, that scientists get what they're looking for. It would be almost bittersweet if the Amelia mystery was solved -- there's been so much intrigue surrounding her disappearance, so many brainteasing cliffhangers. Of course, deep down, I suppose it would be nice to put a neat little bow on this package and finally lay to rest what the heck happened to Amelia and her plane, but at the same time, it'd mark the end of all the fun documentaries, and all the torch-bearing adventurers would be left with nothing else to entice us.

Mysteries like Amelia, the Loch Ness monster, Big Foot, Jimmy Hoffa, they all have a "create your own adventure" theme to them. Supposed data emerges every now and then on these subjects and the public is excited to make up their own theories -- half the thrill for we lay people is that there are no stone cold facts. We can make of it what we want to.

Now, if this photo is actually of Amelia's plane off the coast of the desert island called Nikumaroro, the story will start to end. But who knows, maybe, if we're lucky, it'll just start getting good. Here's to mysteries continuing to be mysterious, and to Amelia's story being told, slash not told.

What do you think happened to Amelia Earhart?


Photo via FalconWriting/Flickr

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