A Conversation with 'The Stir' Blogger Nadia Jones (VIDEO)

Nadia Jones

Regular readers of The Stir are no doubt familiar with our political blogger, Nadia Jones. She is a mother of two, an Obama supporter, and an attorney specializing in voter protection law.

She's also not afraid to share her opinions! We caught up with Nadia in Florida during our Moms Matter Road Trip and sat down for a chat. Check out what Nadia had to say after the jump!


Nadia has an interesting perspective on the election, in part because she didn't become a US citizen until she was 30 years old. For that reason, she takes voting very seriously, and she has a vested interest in mobilizing others to vote.

As a Florida resident, Nadia has a front row seat when it comes to voter issues. (For background on Florida's voting controversy, check out our YouTube video on the state's efforts to tighten its voter registration law.) She also has great insight into Florida's Latino community.

My favorite part of our conversation was when Nadia and I talked about what it's like to write for The Stir, and how we're personally impacted by comments. While any well-read website is going to have commenters who love to lash out at the site's writers, I've been thrilled to see many of you trying hard to share your opinions and views and respond to what other commenters have to say without being rude or mean. I believe that as mothers who are constantly modelling appropriate behavior for our kids, we have a chance to really set a standard of civility in political discourse that we can only hope others will follow.  I'm glad to see that others of you feel that way as well.

Check out Nadia's no-holds-barred posts on The Stir for more of her views, and tell us what you think of her opinions in the comments of this post!

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